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1st prize: Shopping voucher worth € 100.00
2nd prize: Shopping voucher worth € 50.00
3rd prize: Shoping voucher worth € 20.00 

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What is this about?



all right

Click on your choice, send the e-mail and hopefully win! Good luck.

Participation is free and does not come with any commitments on your part.

The event runs until the 31st of July 2020, after which the winners will be drawn by chance. Winners will be informed by e-mail and published on our facebook page, and website. We'll need to know whether you want to be known by your full name, initials, or nickname - we're also super happy if you include your picture, or a picture of the article(s) you'll be exchanging your voucher for.

Pay-out of winnings is _not_ possible, legal recourse is excluded.

Your e-mail adress will not be shared with any third parties, check out our Data protection info to learn more.