Shoulderdragon XXL, Sp.-E., rainbow, plushy or spiky crest Subsites and spiky crest pink red

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This colourful dragon is available in different versions and will be custom-made according to your wishes.

Length: ca. 65 cm
Filling: plastic granules

Category: XXL Specials

Eye colour

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The shoulder dragons are lovingly handmade and have reinforced wings and horns that drape beautifully.

Thanks to the balanced pattern and the granulate filling, it sits perfectly on your shoulder.
Should you not be able to take it with you, it will certainly find a nice place at home where it can be shown off to its best advantage.

This colourful specimen is available in several variations, the tops are always in rainbow design, optionally:

  • -with pink plush, -or spiky crest and pink undersides.
  • -or the undersides in one of the colours included in the rainbow design, i.e. yellow, green or turquoise, each with the same coloured spiky crest.
  • -You can also choose between green, red and blue eyes, please specify these in the comments, if nothing is specified, he will come green eyes.

So you are spoilt for choice ;-)

As we make this dragon especially to your specifications, please allow a little time if you want to give it as a present, e.g. on a particular date.

Usually dragons choose their humans themselves. If you are not sure whether you have been chosen, look him in the eye, you will know and have a faithful companion for a long time.

Dragons can live to a very old age if they are kept in a manner appropriate to their species and, as we know, they have a weakness for glittering jewellery, which they like to guard well. Happy is he who has a dragon for a friend.

Length: approx. 65 cm
Cut and design: TROLLART
Handmade by TROLLART

Care instructions:
Dragons are best cared for like any other pet, so please do not put in the washing machine, dryer or microwave.
Bathing is fine, carefully by hand with warm water and a mild lather. Afterwards, it is best to wrap the dragon in a towel and roll it on a firm surface with light pressure, do not wring it out with force.
To avoid discolouration, first blow-dry the wings, eyes and horns and then let it dry on a towel lying on a rack or clothes horse.
Plush combs can be combed carefully with a soft brush if necessary.
After that he is fit again for new adventures.


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