Events 2020

03.07.2020 21:40

What's what regarding events?

This is where we're at: 

As you perhaps know, we typically participate in around 30 events every year. Many comic cons, fantasy, larp, steampunk, and Sci-Fi events among them - a few with quite fantastic live shows, too.

 All these events have to be planned and payed many months in advance. 

Which we did. 

Typically, we build our booth and then enjoy a great week-end with you and from the money we earn there we pay our costs. 

Not so this year: we had two events so far. Our first event was over-shadowed by storm 'Sabine' (anybody remember? :D ) and the second one, in early march, was already over-shadowed by Corona. 

All events since have either been cancelled or postponed. Of all the event organisers only one was able to repay the costs - the others are hoping, just like we do, for the re-scheduled date. Many of our bookings for accomodations during the events could also not be cancelled. 

Fortunately we were able to reduce our base costs and your many orders of masks helped us as well! Thank you very much! 

And where do we go from here?

Until the end of October large scale events in Germany are off the table. Although the decision of what exactly constitutes a large scale event is mostly left to the local governments - which makes things tough again, since the 8 possible events for the rest of the year happen in 6 different parts of Germany or neighbouring countries. Each with their own set of rules and restrictions, which may or may not change on a daily basis.

So planning, alas, remains impossible and we need to be flexible. And we have no idea whether we can still come to MCM Expo in London after Brexit.

This however is not only tough on us, but also on the organisers of the events and it begs the question whether the events will be able to provide both income for those who put in the work and fun!

However, we want to keep you in the loop about those few events and give you an update as soon as possible:

Austria Comic Con

5.- 6. Sept. 2020

With social distancing rules, no masks.

Whether we'll be able to attend will be decided by July 31st 2020

Elfia Arcen

19.-20. Sept. 2020

Theoretically allowed in the Netherland, with restrictions. The organiser is still checking out the possibilities. If you want to help them come to a decision you can leave feed-back on their homepage.

We're waiting for the organiser's decision.

SciFi Treffen Speyer

26.-27. Sept. 2020

Read the organiser's statement.

We're waiting for the organiser's decision.

Comic Con Bodensee

3.-4. Okt. 2020

Same rules as for Austria Comic Con. Best to read the organiser's statement. There may be restrictions regarding guest stars.

Our participation depends on other, as yet undecided, factors.

Fedcon Bonn

9.-11. Okt. 2020

There is a statement by the organiser regarding restrictions.

Fedcon has already been postponed twice, we're assuming at this point that we will participate.

Facts Gent

24.-25. Okt. 2020

We have no information about the restrictions in Belgium at this point.

We're signed up but don't yet have any information by the organiser.

Comic Con Stuttgart

28.-29. Nov. 2020

Planning with a new concept is under way, see the organiser's statement.

We're hoping Comic Con will happen, but for now, the decision is still pending.

Magic Con Bonn

Nov. 2020

No new date known as of yet, more news on their homepage.

Magic Con has also been postponed twice, we're waiting and hoping.

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